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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Adelaide Escorts: Opening Doors to your Special Erotic Requests

Escort in Australia

Sexuality is something that all adult humans should be aware about. But if you are willing to take it to the next level, booking an Adelaide escort would be a great option. Every independent escort has her own special services that can fit to what you are looking for. Exploring your sexuality with them is an experience that you would never forget.

Special services are revered special because not many escorts accommodate such requests and if they do, there are certain exceptions to which clients they offer it. There are some escorts that only open it to regular clients, some do not at all.

If you are inquiring about a certain service, you can directly send an email or a text message to the escort of your choice. Wait for her response and communicate by that means. If the both of you have agreed upon it, then you can make the call.

Here are some of the services that most escorts consider as special:
  • Anal penetration. Not all escorts offer this kind of service to their clients. Some offer it for an additional fee depending on the situation. All services related to it such as rimming are also serviced with discretion.
  • Golden showers. This kind service is characterized by urinating each other while having sex. It might be shocking to most people but there are men that are into this fetish.
  • COB and COF. Cum on body or face is something that clients need to pay extra. A suggested by its name, clients can ejaculate their load to the escort’s body. 
  • Couples. If you are hoping for a steamy threesome with Adelaide escorts, then this service is for you provided that your escort of choice provides this kind of service.
All these services are subject to your favored escort. They have full control of what services they want to offer to their specific clients. There are two options if a certain service is not provided: Look for another escort or accept her terms.

Personalize your Erotic pleasure

With special requests, you have the power fulfill your carnal pleasures. All you need to do is communicate with your choice escort about what you would like to happen on your date and there you have it. Even the clothes and lingerie that you want your woman to wear down to the last detail that you gave her, she will give it to you, all for your satisfaction.