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Thursday, December 6, 2012

5 Bizarre Marriage and Sex Traditions from Around the World

Because of the Earth’s vastness and diversities in culture, each of the countries from around the world have their own traditions in every aspect of their lives, including sex and marriage;  each being unique to the other, some even bordering bizarre. Though it may sound pretty crazy to us, these traditions are currently practice by hundreds even thousands of couples within their respective countries. Some may find it entertaining; others might be creeped out but it is worth a read. Without further adieu, here are some crazy traditions about hitting the sac:

1.       Bathroom Business. In Northern Borneo, newlywed couples are expected to the nasty after the honeymoon so to ensure their prosperous marriage and abundance of children, the couples need to survive 3 enduring days without doing their bathroom business. Friends and family guard the bathroom for the next 72 hours. If the both of you survive such an ordeal then you are meant to be a couple.

2.       Let’s Party! It may sound pretty normal for people to worship their fertility deities but this one is utmost bizarre. In Haiti, participants of the festivities head to the Saut d’Eau waterfalls in the month of July to celebrate the blessings of the goddess of love. Imagine hundreds of people dancing naked mixed with blood of sacrificial animals, mud and everything else.

3.       Oral Hygiene. For men, oral sex from a woman is one of the most pleasurable ways to express your love and dedication, but not in Romania. The act is considered only to be reserved for prostitutes and giving head to your lover is considered degrading for the couple because of religious beliefs and dogmas. It kind of sucks for the many Romanian men out there.

4.       Matchmaker duties. Married couples may be a little pessimistic on their marriage in Ukraine. During the wedding ceremonies, the couple burns an image or a representation of their matchmaker anticipating an upcoming divorce and takes an early revenge on their matchmaker; that’s pretty harsh.

5.       Let’s get down and dirty! It is the bridesmaid’s duty to help the bride with anything she needs during her wedding day; helping the bride with her wedding dress, organizing wedding plans and arranging a bachelorette party but in Scotland, a bachelorette party is about getting down and dirty… literally. All the bridesmaids cover up the bride with all the things that make garbage, garbage; spoiled food, curdled milk, dried fish, feathers, etc. and then they prepare for a night of merrymaking and drinking. This tradition is called the “blackening of the bride” which symbolizes and prepares the bride for the humiliations and troubles that she will soon face in marriage.

It may sound a bit bizarre to many of us but these are customs that have been going on from generation to generation that have stringed from different beliefs, religious or non religious. If you can’t wait for a hanky panky with a woman, then you can have some fun here.


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