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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

5 Bizarre Relationships from History

Love is a spontaneous and often unpredictable feeling that somehow entail the human need for social and sexual interaction. But the usual boy/girl relationship has now evolved to new heights, even further than our homosexual brothers and sisters. We can either categorize the following relationships as true love or utterly bizarre. So without further adieu, here are top  5 bizarre relationships in history, both past and present:

  1. Man and Mannequin. In June 2009, Dauveed and Clara were finally tying the knot except that Clara was a mannequin. On their wedding day, the groom phoned a media company to record the event and as a result, everyone on YouTube knows about it. According to recent comments, Dauveed can be seen walking around Hollywood with Clara; what a sweet couple.
  2. Daughter and Father. Perhaps you are familiar with the story of Lot within the city of Sodom and Gomorrah and how it was destroyed because of the people’s immorality and lawlessness? This is like part two of that story only less destruction and more procreation. Because they were the only humans left, Lot’s daughters thought that they should preserve humanity by having sex with their dad. It is kind of ironic when you think about it.
  3. Young Girl and Dog. In India, a village in East Jharkhand married off a dog and a girl to ward off evil spirits that are bringing bad luck to her family and the villagers nearby. Fortunately, the young girl is free to marry another man when she grows up without having a divorce with the stray dog. It is also in India in which many young girls are married to a tree to avoid evil spirits and curses. India; what a weird place.
  4. Married  Himself. Liu Yue from China is so in love that he married himself. He even made a life size cut out image with his face in a traditional Chinese dress. Apparently, Liu Yue could not find a suitable wife to get along with that is why he married himself. At least he gets along perfectly together.
  5. Brother and Sister Relationship. Drusilla and Caligula is a famous example of an intimate yet bizarre relationship with his sister. When Caligula assumed to power, he called upon Drusilla to divorce her husband and become his lover. The two were doing well together until Drusilla died in 38 AD and Caligula never recovered. She was given a funeral fit for an emperor and was proclaimed as “Diva Drusilla” a goddess often depicted as Aphrodite or Venus.

It may sound revolting to most people but knowing these relationships exist or did exist is worth a read. It shows that humans have a dire need for intimacy even with himself or inanimate objects. For those who are looking for an intimate and sensual companionship, you can check out this site and experience your dream escort.


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