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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Aussie Escorts for the Holiday Season!

Are you feeling lonely for the Holidays? Would you like a hot Australian escort to keep you company? If you answered "YES!" on both questions then there's no time to lose. Book your favorite Perth escort for the Christmas season this year! These ladies promise a sexy, sensual and erotic experience, unlike anything you had ever felt.

Happy Holidays from our Perth Escort Girls!

Thank you for the ongoing support that you have been giving on our website. The next year will bring naughtier, sexier and more erotic experiences to you!
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thrill yourself in Melbourne with Melbourne Escort girls

People with responsibilities normally want to let loose. Pick Melbourne as your breather destination. Experience a different Melbourne and book an escort. Do everything to liberate yourself for your personal experience only. You have the power to enrich your own sexual experience in Melbourne.

Book an escort and explore the city with the most stunning women you will ever meet. These Melbourne escorts aim to provide top notch services that are sure to blow your mind. While the adult entertainment in Melbourne hosts many agencies, these independent escorts stand out because of their professional and discreet services.

Gia James - Melbourne Escort
Get in touch with your spontaneous side and take part in your dirtiest dreams with a stranger or a loving and passionate evening with the girl next door. Several escorts show their clients a good time by bringing them to the hottest clubs and parties. To liven your lonely spirit some girls can stimulate conversation and keep company.

In a different intent, maybe you’re in need of a suitable pretty face to be your date in a banquet your boss required you to attend. Whatever your preference,  good escort agencies are sure to grant you the best services making sure their patrons get their money’s value.

Good agencies are sure to provide you with excellent service as long as you fix your needs. Foresee your booking especially if you're from abroad. A large number of agencies are going online and keep their girl's profiles for your viewing pleasure. Read through their profiles to get an idea of the ethnicity, body type, or even personality. It's important to choose the right agency to stir away from health issues. 

Booking your escort online is not a predicament at all when you feel awkward doing it personally. . Great agencies always respect the security of their clients as well as their girls. Keep in mind that with superior price brings superior service. Visit our directory of the best Melbourne escorts in Australia!
Thursday, November 7, 2013

Following the Second Part of My Erotic Story with an Escort

Adam is now ready to fulfill his naughtiest fantasies with Jessica – an Australian escort he hired for this one moment to take his sexuality to the next level.

Jessica was a horny vixen. She unzipped my pants slowly as I took off her dress. I gazed upon her laced, see-through lingerie. I could see her nipples showing. I kissed both of her breasts alternating from left to right. I suckled on her sweet nipples and gently sucking them. I could hear her pant from pleasure. She was rubbing my dick with her hands but things went pretty steamy after that. Jessica flipped me on the couch and gave me the most sensual BJ I have ever experienced. The tongue and suction was perfect, this 22 year old was an expert pleasure giver.

After 10 minutes, I laid her on the couch and ate her already wet pussy. It was pink, sweet and tight. I slipped my fingers in while I sucked her clit. Her eyes were rolling and she gave out a loud moan. I never thought I still know how to do that in all those times that I have not dated. We went on 69 to give each other some oral before proceeding to the main act.

I looked at her hungry eyes wanting more. I grabbed the condom and placed it on my dick. She was really excited to put it in her. What a man would do than give what her woman wants? I slowly thrust my hard cock in her. She panted a little and looked at my eyes, she wanted more, more and more. I started slow and every now and then I would move faster and faster. We switched to doggy position and beheld me was her gorgeous back, smooth and arched to back up my dick. I went on faster and faster until I was out of control. I climaxed with a boom; I was in paradise for a couple of seconds.

We cuddled for a moment and talked some more. We sipped some wine just to get us back on earth again. I just wished that my life would be more like this, with Jessica and all the worries of life behind me. I gave out a little sigh and she hugged me tight. She asked for directions for the bathroom so that she can have a shower. I knew it was all over.

After I got cleaned up and dressed. She was on the living room waiting for me to formally say good bye. I grabbed her hand and kissed it. She smiled and we thanked each other for a great time. I watched her disappear as she closed the door behind her.

That experience with Jessica gave me more confidence to date other women. I don’t know which did it but I was happier after that. I gave more time to just relaxing and not think of work for a day or two. She somehow taught me that life is not all about work and being successful. She taught me that you can have fun every once in awhile.

If you are reading this Jessica, I cannot thank you more. I hope to see you again and catch up.


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Monday, October 21, 2013

Having Fun is all that Matters: My Erotic Story with an Escort

Because escorting is legal in Australia, many men are enjoying a friends with benefits relationship with these girls. I must admit, most of these girls are top class, gorgeous ladies working as part time gravure and glamour models or university students. They are not so bad at all compared to regular “street walkers” that you constantly see on many red light districts. They are not what they seem to be.

I must admit that I am one of those men who seek their services but only to those escorts that I trust. My first time with these courtesans was something I will always remember in my sex life. It was like losing my virginity for the first time with a supermodel. I know my descriptions are blown out of proportions but that is how I have always thought of it as an analogy.

As what a 28-year old would do, I was always busy working; I didn’t even have much time for myself. I was starting my own company which demanded more time than going out with friends and other girls. It was a hard start, I had to work more than 12 hours a day and go home just to sleep and do it all over again. I have no regrets on my hard work and it paid off as the time went by.

Because of my busy schedule, I was on a dry spell. I never had time nor commitment to court a woman of my age. Most of them are busy preparing their engagements or partying with their friends. Somehow, I did not lose hope and kept my smiles up. Instead of moping around in self-pity, I did what I need to do to get rid of my carnal urge. I decided to seek out escorts just for the heck of it.

But before I even hired one, I did my research. I read many escort blogs, adult directories and more information on how to date an escort. I tried to look for many top class escorts in Australia. In my search, I stumbled upon this girl who we will name “Jessica” (not her real name). Jessica was a 22 year old courtesan based in Australia and she had what I have always desired in a woman: long dark hair, beautiful features, green eyes and silky smooth skin. She had a blog in which I read in between my work breaks and they were pretty detailed it almost gave me a hard on at work.

I sent her a text message if she is available for dinner 2 days from now. She quickly responded that she will be available after 9pm which is exactly what I need. We agreed to meet up at my place at 10 to give her time to prepare. It was like being on a blind date, I know she will be a gorgeous companion yet fate always loves to proves us wrong.

Whenever it’s time for bed, I take a look at her blog and browse her photos. I would even confess that I masturbated using her photos online. Who wouldn’t? Knowing what we will be doing in the next couple of hours would absolutely give you that urge to touch yourself.

The day of the meeting, I always thought of her. I drank plenty of pineapple juice to make my cum sweet (a product of my research) for her. I was nervous yet looking forward to it. When work was finally done, I asked my assistant not to disturb me after 9:00 o’clock. All my calls are diverted to my voicemail to avoid any distractions.

I hurriedly went home and prepared for the meeting. It was only 8:30 yet I was so anxious to meet her. I drank a little wine to ease my nerves and played video games to help me pass the time. 9:50 and I got a knock on my door. I knew it was Jessica. I could feel limbs shake from excitement and anxiety. I opened the door and what stood in front of me was an angel.

Jessica was a petite yet slim woman. She had long dark hair and curvy body. Her face was symmetrical and heart shaped adorned with emerald green eyes. She was nothing like her photos; she looked more amazing in person. We bid each other our greetings and invited her in. When she walked by me, I could smell her sweet perfume, seducing me to her.

I offered her a seat and a glass of wine on the couch. I gave her a brown envelope with her service fee and she thanked me for it. I’m surprised that she didn’t even count the money. Jessica was such an absolute delight; a great conversationalist and a well-educated woman. We talked about each other’s experiences. She’s a great listener and always smiling. I could tell she was really having fun with me. We drank a couple of glasses and talked for more than 15 minutes.

She was moving closer and closer to me. She leaned over for a kiss and I kissed her back. I could feel her tongue dance with mine. I admit that I have never been kissed like that before. My dick was really hard but I think she didn’t notice. My hands were all around her, my left on her breasts and my right on her waist. Her hands were around my neck, moving closer and closer to my crotch. She grabbed my hard cock and was smiling as I looked at her.
Our next post will reveal Adam’s hottest, erotic moments with the best escort girl in Australia. Meanwhile, you can find your perfect match in our gallery and find the right Australian escort for you.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Hottest Escorts in Australia - A Photo Gallery


Natalia Portman

Sarina Marcelle

Madison Missina

Isabelle Brooks

Larissa Lee


Anna Thea Maye

Miss Krystal

Grace Bellavue

Estelle Lucas
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Escorts in Australia - the Epitome of Adult Entertainment

The adult entertainment in Australia had never been the same since the day the escorting business took flight. Many girls are now available for bookings and you have a wider selection of hot escorts in Australia. From Sydney to Melbourne and all states in the country, you can find a lot of girls that would tickle your innermost fantasies. View our video below for more information:

You would love to see the Melbourne escorts and Canberra escorts in our gallery.
Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Private Girls Australia - Best Adult Website for the Year 2013

Last August 28, 2013, the Australian Adult Industry Awards named Private Girls Australia as “Best Adult Website” for 2013. It was a great day, not only for the winners but also for the nominees and guests. Adult entertainers, strippers, adult film production team, famous porn stars and high-end escorts in Australia all came to Melbourne’s Sofitel Hotel to participate in the festivities.

When it comes to the adult entertainment industry, Australia is your buddy in finding the best girls, entertainers and brothels that a bachelor will surely enjoy. The country is home to the best high class escorts and the hottest companions. With the help of Private Girls, we help bring you to the finest escort girls in the area. From Sydney to Tasmania, we constantly update our website to give you available escorts, ready for your bookings.

What is Private Girls Australia?

Private Girls is an adult website which features the best escorts in a certain territory.  We are not an agency that recruits girls and pass them off as escorts. We only have independent escorts in our gallery that have made a name for themselves in the business. Our girls are experienced, stunningly gorgeous and are 100% genuine on their services.

In the recent Australian Adult Industry Awards, one of our private escorts had won as best escort of the year and several of our girls have been nominated as well. Jasmine Jaro, Arianny Koda, Lara Belle, Gloria Van Vaulker and many high class girls have been proudly selected to be the best escort of the year. This year, Christine McQueen from Sydney bagged the title and she too, is one of our best private escorts.

Each escort that you see in our gallery is carefully verified and followed several certification process to avoid any misunderstanding with their clients. Even if these ladies are independent, we still make sure that they provide excellent service to their clients to maintain our stature in the adult entertainment industry. Girls who have been receiving constant bad reviews from their clients are given an ultimatum or we will remove them from the site. It sounds a little bit harsh but it’s no problem to most of our girls in the gallery.

Providing Excellent Service to Escorts and their Clients

Winning the AAIA (Australian Adult Industry Award) as best adult website, the Private Girls’ team is continuing to provide excellent services to our girls and to their clients. We help with everything these ladies need in their online marketing efforts.

If you want to know more about hot escorts in Australia and how to book these ladies, you can view our main Private Girls’ Site. 
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

7 Hot and Successful Models from Australia

When talking about beauty, Australia is no stranger to recognition. The country had produced top international models that had appeared on many runway shows, magazines and even on Hollywood. So to give you a lowdown, here are some famous and successful Australian models for your satisfaction in no particular order:

Elle Mcpherson
Elle Mcpherson is famous for making it to the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue not once but five (5) times in the 80’s, giving her the nickname “the Body”. Today, Elle is now running a lingerie line and a skin care line of the same title.

Miranda Kerr
Famous for being the first Australian model to be a Victoria Secret Angel and being arm-candy with one of the hottest Hollywood actors - Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr had made a name in the modeling industry ever since she was 13. Today, Miranda now owns Kora Organics and had released her own self-help book, aside from being Orlando’s loved wife.

Jessica Hart
Jessica is an all-Australian beauty born and raised in Melbourne and is famous for appearing in the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2009 and Vogue Australia. Aside from her perfect slim figure and modelesque face, Jessica has a prominent gap between her two front teeth, setting a trend in the modeling industry.

Bambi Northwood-Blythe
Born Stephanie Bambi Northwood Blythe in Melbourne. The young Bambi was first seen on photos with her current boyfriend and soon to be founder of Ksubi - Dan Single. During that time she is currently in contract with Priscilla model management and went from a steady climb to stardom in 2010. Through several fashion shows and editorial shoots, Bambi is now one of the hottest Australian female models around the world.

Gemma Ward
Born Gemma Louise Ward in Perth, is a fashion model turned actress from Australia. Gemma became one of the youngest model to appear in the American version of Vogue and later appearing in Teen Vogue and even on Time. Gemma’s modeling career kicked off when she was 15 in the Australian Fashion Week. She later appeared on movies such as the Black Balloon, the Strangers and in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Abbey Lee Kershaw
Abbey Lee Kershaw or better known as Abbey Lee is dubbed as one of the best fashion supermodels. She started her career in modeling in 2009 where she walked for Oscar dela Renta and Rodarte. Ever since the fall of 2012, Abbey had been busy with her acting career in Africa where they are currently shooting the upcoming film Mad Max: Fury Road.

Catherine Mcneill
Catherine Mcneill started her career when she was 14 where she won a model search in Australia. She started working her way to big runway shows in 2007 where she appeared for covers in French and Australian Vogue, V and French Revue de Modes. Later that year, Catherine walked for famous designers such as Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent and many more. Today, Catherine is continuing the supermodel life and constantly appearing on many fashion editorials and runways across the globe.

If you are in Australia for a great time, you will surely enjoy the beautiful companions and hot escorts in Australia as hot as the ladies mentioned above. We have escorts that work as part-time models, college students and even international porn stars and escorts in Sydney. These fine ladies will help bring the excitement around your trips in the country. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Feminist Views in the Australian Escort Industry

Escorting is one of the biggest businesses in the adult entertainment industry in Australia. Even international escorts come here to enjoy the sun and the fun Aussie crowd. What other people don’t know is the ongoing hate among these girls. Escorts are labeled as “home-wreckers” or “wenches” in society despite the quiet and discreet demeanor that these girls project on their services.

Even clients themselves treat these girls as objects without respect. Escort or not, people working in the adult entertainment industry, especially the females are also women who deserve the respect as a human being should receive from others.

Escorts as heroes of Feminism

As children, females get the usual lecture on how to cover up, how to be demure and reserved. Women are raised “ready to be governed” by males. This far outcry is slowly achieved with the constant change in societal values as time goes by. However, this equality that feminists are striving for are somehow achieved by escorts themselves.

Women who go out of the norms or having sexual values as males are revered as a bad fruit of society, but are they really? Escorts somehow break female traditional norms by being sexually equal as males. They portray a more independent side of females, being able to stand up for themselves financially, mentally, physically and sexuality.

Sighting this possibility is not a move to encourage the spread of escorting across Australia but the possibility as seeing these women as an icon of female strength; that girls can be as sexually dominant as males. After all, being an escort itself is hard enough.

...or a major setback in the fight for equality?

Escorting also has a negative connotation in the fight for equality. It strives on a male dominated atmosphere, feeding on the carnal desires of men alone. Women, as escorts need to conform to these values by being sexually attractive to males to gain financial stability. Aside from that, females in the escorting industry are seen only as objects as pleasure.

In conclusion, the escorting industry is a paradox. Many feminists think that it is a male-dominated world, other think it is a break of the women’s gender roles in society. With whatever beliefs you have for the adult escorting industry in Australia, you will certainly enjoy each of these girls company. Find more hotEscorts in Australia on our main website.