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Monday, January 21, 2013

Types of Escorts

The legalization of the escort business has brought rise to the industry, encouraging more and more patrons to enjoy the pleasurable company of lovely and handsome escorts. In this modern day, high class men and women escorts are easily available to serve as beautiful companions to individuals.

However, we still cannot avoid the fact that the sexual and more liberated nature of the work of “escorts” have caused them to be stereotyped as people who come from broken homes or are sexually abused. It is a common misconception that they have been driven by depression because of low self-esteem, having that fear of rejection, or the plain need to earn fast-cash to support their needs.

The world, as human as it is, has classified different types of escorts. Here are the most common classifications that are widely advertised and accepted:

Material Boy/Girl or Call Boy/Girl

From the word itself, there are men and women who sell themselves to acquire material things. It’s relatively an old reputation tagged to escorting service that until these days has been the view of many. Material boys and girls render their services, aspiring to uplift their social status in the society that they are in. Those that fall into this category are overwhelmed with fast-cash earningsso they market themselves to luxuriate in all the riches their elite clients and the fancy world that they live in have to offer.

Trafficked escorts or Sex Slaves

This kind of business is still rampant and exists most especially in poorer countries. Most of the victims here are young teens and women who, unknowingly, were hired for a different job then find themselves being prostituted. In hopes of landing with a decent job in richer countries or cities, their dreams shatter to expose the cruel world of sexual slavery. It is a sad fact that poverty often comes with illiteracy, uneducated, these women just take all the abuse not knowing who to turn to or what to do. Some, numbed by their conditions, have already accepted their fate and continue with the only thing they think can help them survive every day.

This is a heartbreaking story.

Street hookers or prostitutes

Considered as low-class escorts, these beauties are often found along the streets and managed by cheap pimps. This classification also has its elite version known as hightracks who works privately and is paid expensively because of their beauty and class.

High Class Escorts (Agency or Independent)

These are the types of escorts that take their profession seriously. They advertise their escorting services through agencies or by working independently. Because of their magnetic charm and beauty, they are usually in demand by many patrons.


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