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Monday, January 7, 2013

Why Do We Love Asian Girls?

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We cannot deny that many western men like Asian women. They love these ladies so much that some have developed sexual fetishes and fixations among these oriental beauties. We know that the topic is stereotypical and somehow racist but there is truth concerning this idea. In Hollywood alone we have gorgeous girls such as Michelle Yeoh, Ziyi Zhang and Lucy Lui. With the addition of the Internet, Asian girls are now more popular than ever. But why do we love Asian girls?

Because of Asia’s heavy influence in video games, animation and technology particularly the Japanese, we have perceived Asian girls to be cute, innocent, submissive and feminine which are the qualities that almost all men around the world are looking for in a woman. The popularity of visual media from Japan also made its way to our western eyes, not just popular anime characters but including x rated videos, animated or not. Because of the Internet, we always see Asian girls in their cute outfits or looking very seductive in formal wear. Or something like this:

Take example the sexy webcam girl KW7142 or others call her Park Nima. For those who are unfamiliar who this girl is, she is a gorgeous Asian girl; long hair and extremely hot and cute. On July of 2012, a viral video was posted of her in a see through lingerie doing a striptease. The combination of a hot girl and lingerie in a 30 minute striptease video is always equal to viral among netizens both in Asia and around the world.

Believe me, she is not the only hot girl around that you can indulge your eyes into. You have girls like Gan Lulu, Charmian Chen, Elly Tran Ha, Shirley Pei Si Rao and a whole lot more to feast your eyes on.

For many western men, Asian girls are exotic, unique and a break of the norms which gives them excitement. They would never know what to expect from these ladies that is why most men adore these oriental beauties.

This post is not meant to be racist or to offend our Asian brothers and sisters but to simply entertain and engage with the readers. Personally, oriental girls are hot especially if they are doing things just like Park Nima up there.


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