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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sexy Time Stuff: How to Choose the right Panty Hose


Lingerie is a sexy addition to making love to your partner. Girls feel sexy and guys love it in the bedroom. Panty-hoses with garters and matching lingerie sets are sexy, erotic and stimulating. If you happen to pass by any panty stores, don’t forget to add pantyhoses and garters to your shopping list but before you do that, here are some tips on how to pick out the best lingerie for you:

  1. Choose black and nude colors. Stick to the basics when it comes to choosing your hose. Black and nude can be paired off with any skirt or top that you have, making you look sexy and classy.
  2. Go for nude hoses that matches your skin tone. If you decide to go for nude, make sure that it is in tune with your skin color. Think of it as foundation for your legs, they look invisible but enhancing.
  3. Wear good quality hoses for the price. I’m not telling you to splurge on a $100 hose or something but make sure that you are getting top quality brands that fits your budget. You may want the sheerest legs in town but your budget is more important.
  4. Wear shoes that go with your hose. Everything you wear must complement your shoes, including the hose you wear. Black shoes go with black hoses and nude with brown, metallic or colored shoes. If you’re thinking of seducing your partner with hoses, I suggest you follow these rules (not that men will ever notice). Do not wear hoses when you have open-toe shoes.
  5. Try out some tights. If you want to be experimental with many designs and colors, you can try out tights. There are thousands of available designs and the panty-hose rules do not apply to them. It’s also great when it’s cold outside or to hide the fact that you haven’t shaved for the winter.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Perspective on Inked Girls

Australian Escort

Do men love tattooed girls? We own a tumblr account and I noticed the volume of followers asking for photos of tattooed girls. Maybe because the tumblr crowd loves girls who live on the edge or does it apply to everyone? Some 50 to 30 years ago, having a tattoo meant you were an unstable emotional person wanting to get attention but now, everyone seems to fancy having one. I saw a couple of websites tackling the topic of tattoos being a permanent fashion accessory. Society’s perception had indeed changed throughout the course of history.

Perhaps the location of their tattoos is what makes them admirable. Ink near the breasts, waist, upper back  and shoulders highlight “sexy with class”. Visible tattoos on legs, arms and neck give off “edgy” while tattoos on your lower back signify “slutty”. Girls should consider not only the design but the location of their tattoos if they want to be identified for it.

The designs is as important as the location. Feminine tattoos such as flowers, butterflies, dolphins and peacocks look great as a shoulder or back piece while larger designs would be great for more surface area such as the back or arms depending on what you want. You should also consider your personality and preference when choosing a tattoo. You don’t want skulls and guns when you are the type to be sweet or feminine.

But social stigma is always at bay when you get tattoos. A lot of people are still totally against it; “A graffiti on a million-dollar canvas is still graffiti.” or they would look like wet sunday comics when they get old. Every now and then, I hear these topics on tumblr and they keep on arguing about what’s hot and what’s not.

These girls have endured pain physically and socially for their tattoos, all for the sake of individuality and breaking through social norms. Maybe these are what makes them hot, not for their tattoos but for their outlook on social acceptance and individual perspective of life.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sex: 5 Bizarre Guinness World Records

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Being in the Guinness book of world records is an honor that you will cherish forever. But what if the feats that you can do involve sex? As bizarre as it sounds, the World Records Association does acknowledge these people and their feats that make them worthy to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. So without further delay, here are some of the folks that made it to the book:

  1. World’s Largest Penis - 13.5 inches.  Jonah Falcon from Brooklyn is now enjoying the benefits of having the world’s largest penis. With a 13.5 inch member, he appeared on an HBO documentary “Private Dicks: Men Exposed” and Rolling Stones also did a feature story of him in June of 2003. Women must be knocking on his doorstep right now.
  2. World’s Largest Vagina - 19 inches. To pair off with the world’s largest penis, the world’s largest Vagina belongs to Anna Swann (1846 - 1888) - a Scottish Giantess with the height of 7’8”. Her marriage to Captain Martin Bates (7 feet) made them the tallest couple in the world. Their union produced a child but because of it’s size, it died during birth but doctors were able to make a cast. The biggest part of the baby’s body was it’s head measuring 19 inches, which gives her the biggest vagina in the world.
  3. Most number of Children from one mother - 69 offsprings. Feodor Vassilyev (1707 - 1782) is one busy mom. She gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets totalling to 27 births. 2 of her children did not survive childhood. We can imagine the looks on your faces right  now.
  4. World’s longest jet of semen - 18 feet. It may seem a bit far fetched but there is indeed a world record for the greatest seminal fluid height. Horst Schultz currently holds several other world records for jizzing off high speed semen. Currently he holds the greatest height and speed of ejaculation speeding up to 42.7 mph.
  5. World’s oldest prostitute - 82 years old. While many consider prostitution as the oldest profession in the world, the oldest prostitute title belongs to Chiu - nicknamed grandma in the busy streets of Taipei. She started working in the business 40 years ago after her live in partner died. Because of her old age, she charges 10 or 20 times lesser than younger prostitutes.

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