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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Perspective on Inked Girls

Australian Escort

Do men love tattooed girls? We own a tumblr account and I noticed the volume of followers asking for photos of tattooed girls. Maybe because the tumblr crowd loves girls who live on the edge or does it apply to everyone? Some 50 to 30 years ago, having a tattoo meant you were an unstable emotional person wanting to get attention but now, everyone seems to fancy having one. I saw a couple of websites tackling the topic of tattoos being a permanent fashion accessory. Society’s perception had indeed changed throughout the course of history.

Perhaps the location of their tattoos is what makes them admirable. Ink near the breasts, waist, upper back  and shoulders highlight “sexy with class”. Visible tattoos on legs, arms and neck give off “edgy” while tattoos on your lower back signify “slutty”. Girls should consider not only the design but the location of their tattoos if they want to be identified for it.

The designs is as important as the location. Feminine tattoos such as flowers, butterflies, dolphins and peacocks look great as a shoulder or back piece while larger designs would be great for more surface area such as the back or arms depending on what you want. You should also consider your personality and preference when choosing a tattoo. You don’t want skulls and guns when you are the type to be sweet or feminine.

But social stigma is always at bay when you get tattoos. A lot of people are still totally against it; “A graffiti on a million-dollar canvas is still graffiti.” or they would look like wet sunday comics when they get old. Every now and then, I hear these topics on tumblr and they keep on arguing about what’s hot and what’s not.

These girls have endured pain physically and socially for their tattoos, all for the sake of individuality and breaking through social norms. Maybe these are what makes them hot, not for their tattoos but for their outlook on social acceptance and individual perspective of life.

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