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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sexy Time Stuff: How to Choose the right Panty Hose


Lingerie is a sexy addition to making love to your partner. Girls feel sexy and guys love it in the bedroom. Panty-hoses with garters and matching lingerie sets are sexy, erotic and stimulating. If you happen to pass by any panty stores, don’t forget to add pantyhoses and garters to your shopping list but before you do that, here are some tips on how to pick out the best lingerie for you:

  1. Choose black and nude colors. Stick to the basics when it comes to choosing your hose. Black and nude can be paired off with any skirt or top that you have, making you look sexy and classy.
  2. Go for nude hoses that matches your skin tone. If you decide to go for nude, make sure that it is in tune with your skin color. Think of it as foundation for your legs, they look invisible but enhancing.
  3. Wear good quality hoses for the price. I’m not telling you to splurge on a $100 hose or something but make sure that you are getting top quality brands that fits your budget. You may want the sheerest legs in town but your budget is more important.
  4. Wear shoes that go with your hose. Everything you wear must complement your shoes, including the hose you wear. Black shoes go with black hoses and nude with brown, metallic or colored shoes. If you’re thinking of seducing your partner with hoses, I suggest you follow these rules (not that men will ever notice). Do not wear hoses when you have open-toe shoes.
  5. Try out some tights. If you want to be experimental with many designs and colors, you can try out tights. There are thousands of available designs and the panty-hose rules do not apply to them. It’s also great when it’s cold outside or to hide the fact that you haven’t shaved for the winter.

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