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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Talk about Private! 6 Bizarre Products for your Vagina

Women love to accessorize, whether for fashion, home design and even on their private parts. We have discussed a lot of bizarre things in this blog but this is by far one of the weirdest ones I have ever written. Without further adieu, here are the most bizarre things that women have actually purchase for their vajayjays.

  1. Vajazzle. If you have heard of cake being adorned by swarovski crystals, this time it’s on your crotch. To some, it may not seem such a bad thing but for most of us, it would creep out your partner for some reason.
  2. Period panties. If your period doesn’t gross you out, then these panties are perfect for you! “breathable and waterproof”, these period panties are designed to absorb all the blood that comes out of your nether regions and guess what? It is completely reusable! How’s that for saving sanitary-napkin money?
  3. Vag-cooling underwear. This is actually not a bad idea especially with summer is on the way. For $24, you can cool your nether regions by 3 degrees using the “Staycool” collection.
  4. Vaginal Lip balm. If you think lip balms are only for the lips on your face, but for your vagina as well. If you want to keep it moisturized and young looking, hey! You can always pop one up from your bag and your lovely flower will be fresh again!
  5. VJJ Visor. If you ever need to protect your private parts (including the possibilities of sex) then the VJJ visor is the perfect product! Marketed similar to a jock strap, the visor protects the inner labia, the vaginal opening and clitoris for sports? No, for grooming activities like brazilian wax, shaving, hair coloring, tanning and spa treatments; it’s not so bad after all.
  6. Genital cosmetic colorant. Make up is one of the most important accessory a girl should have, not only for your face but for your vagina as well. My Rosy Button, is a cosmetic product designed to bring back the “pink” on your lips.

It may sound like a joke but people are actually selling and buying these things. Sex sells, and they are actually selling, especially with people from the adult entertainment industry. Know more about Hot escorts in Australia with the rest of the posts on our blog.