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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Feminist Views in the Australian Escort Industry

Escorting is one of the biggest businesses in the adult entertainment industry in Australia. Even international escorts come here to enjoy the sun and the fun Aussie crowd. What other people don’t know is the ongoing hate among these girls. Escorts are labeled as “home-wreckers” or “wenches” in society despite the quiet and discreet demeanor that these girls project on their services.

Even clients themselves treat these girls as objects without respect. Escort or not, people working in the adult entertainment industry, especially the females are also women who deserve the respect as a human being should receive from others.

Escorts as heroes of Feminism

As children, females get the usual lecture on how to cover up, how to be demure and reserved. Women are raised “ready to be governed” by males. This far outcry is slowly achieved with the constant change in societal values as time goes by. However, this equality that feminists are striving for are somehow achieved by escorts themselves.

Women who go out of the norms or having sexual values as males are revered as a bad fruit of society, but are they really? Escorts somehow break female traditional norms by being sexually equal as males. They portray a more independent side of females, being able to stand up for themselves financially, mentally, physically and sexuality.

Sighting this possibility is not a move to encourage the spread of escorting across Australia but the possibility as seeing these women as an icon of female strength; that girls can be as sexually dominant as males. After all, being an escort itself is hard enough.

...or a major setback in the fight for equality?

Escorting also has a negative connotation in the fight for equality. It strives on a male dominated atmosphere, feeding on the carnal desires of men alone. Women, as escorts need to conform to these values by being sexually attractive to males to gain financial stability. Aside from that, females in the escorting industry are seen only as objects as pleasure.

In conclusion, the escorting industry is a paradox. Many feminists think that it is a male-dominated world, other think it is a break of the women’s gender roles in society. With whatever beliefs you have for the adult escorting industry in Australia, you will certainly enjoy each of these girls company. Find more hotEscorts in Australia on our main website.


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