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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Following the Second Part of My Erotic Story with an Escort

Adam is now ready to fulfill his naughtiest fantasies with Jessica – an Australian escort he hired for this one moment to take his sexuality to the next level.

Jessica was a horny vixen. She unzipped my pants slowly as I took off her dress. I gazed upon her laced, see-through lingerie. I could see her nipples showing. I kissed both of her breasts alternating from left to right. I suckled on her sweet nipples and gently sucking them. I could hear her pant from pleasure. She was rubbing my dick with her hands but things went pretty steamy after that. Jessica flipped me on the couch and gave me the most sensual BJ I have ever experienced. The tongue and suction was perfect, this 22 year old was an expert pleasure giver.

After 10 minutes, I laid her on the couch and ate her already wet pussy. It was pink, sweet and tight. I slipped my fingers in while I sucked her clit. Her eyes were rolling and she gave out a loud moan. I never thought I still know how to do that in all those times that I have not dated. We went on 69 to give each other some oral before proceeding to the main act.

I looked at her hungry eyes wanting more. I grabbed the condom and placed it on my dick. She was really excited to put it in her. What a man would do than give what her woman wants? I slowly thrust my hard cock in her. She panted a little and looked at my eyes, she wanted more, more and more. I started slow and every now and then I would move faster and faster. We switched to doggy position and beheld me was her gorgeous back, smooth and arched to back up my dick. I went on faster and faster until I was out of control. I climaxed with a boom; I was in paradise for a couple of seconds.

We cuddled for a moment and talked some more. We sipped some wine just to get us back on earth again. I just wished that my life would be more like this, with Jessica and all the worries of life behind me. I gave out a little sigh and she hugged me tight. She asked for directions for the bathroom so that she can have a shower. I knew it was all over.

After I got cleaned up and dressed. She was on the living room waiting for me to formally say good bye. I grabbed her hand and kissed it. She smiled and we thanked each other for a great time. I watched her disappear as she closed the door behind her.

That experience with Jessica gave me more confidence to date other women. I don’t know which did it but I was happier after that. I gave more time to just relaxing and not think of work for a day or two. She somehow taught me that life is not all about work and being successful. She taught me that you can have fun every once in awhile.

If you are reading this Jessica, I cannot thank you more. I hope to see you again and catch up.


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