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Monday, November 17, 2014

Tasmania Escorts – Your Babe Deserves Royal Treatment

Tasmania Escorts
You choose a very pleasant hotel that's most fitting for an extremely stunning princess like your girlfriend from Tasmania Escorts. You only want the best for tonight, hence, this regal treatment.

With her motioning that you take the shower first, you put out a cheeky grin and suggest you could both shower together, and help to save the environment. What a gentlemanly way of putting your lovely dame in a comfortable situation!

You stare at each other's nakedness, exchanging lustful glances, up then down. She bits her lip, impressed at your handsome dick that's starting to rise to the occasion. You, too, are impressed with her rounded, shapely tits, and well-shaved pussy that's now expectant of a speedy encroachment.

You begin to soap each other's body, never forgetting to palm her nipples gently as you lather her fragile body. You run your hand around her butt up her waistline and back to her twin peaks. As your lips are locked on hers, your fingers rub her clit; the gesture starts to send shivers to her spine.

With water from the shower dripping on her beautiful face, she drops to her knees and takes your throbbing dick hungrily into her mouth. You feel you're getting the biggest blow job of your life as she sucks hard and thrusts your hardened shaft in and out of her hot mouth, her tongue wrapping all around it.

You know you couldn't take it anymore. Not wanting to cum in her mouth, you raise her up to her feet and engage her in a long and passionate kiss. Once more, your fingers probe the tight walls of her entry, feeling the softness and warmth of her wet groove.

You sense that she's now ripe for orgasm, so you carry her out of the shower and onto the bed. Both of you now in extreme heat, waiting for the plunging of your enormous cock into her dripping wet pussy. This is the one that could satiate the frenzy. Pinning her hands behind her head, you dive onto her supple form and thrust in and out of her, forcing your manhood as far as it could go.  The swaying of her breasts to and fro as you move up and down her only brought you more excitement.

With the two of you are gasping for breath, she wraps both legs around your hips and holds you tight, her breasts pressed against your broad chest. It’s no wonder that you both fell asleep after a very torrid unification of ravenous bodies.

You awake, eager to start the process all over again with your ever sweet siren from TasmaniaEscorts.